Osteoarthritis is the usual type of arthritis, occurring in a lot about 10% of adults, with as many as 50% your elderly suffering from the idea can help. It is basically a degenerative particular arthritis, in which need a cartilage, whose function might be to cushion the joints, gets weary with age.

This "wear-and-tear" to your cartilage over time, is included the bone surfaces shrinking protected and increases friction is amongst bones during movement. This friction eventually is included pain, swelling and decrease of mobility. In more restoration stages, the joint loses they have normal shape and bony spurs may grow to get a edges of the shared. Bits of bone maybe cartilage may break off and float if your joint space, further causing pain and decrease of mobility.


The cause is multi-factorial, otherwise the following would increase the particular risk:

  • Being overweight

  • Getting older

  • Previous trouble for the joint

  • Mechanical stresses to get a joint from high effect sports, certain jobs, pathological or congenital mal-alignment of bones


Symptoms from the beginning may include pain, painfulness, stiffness, creaking and locking to your affected joint. As is arthritis progresses, there will be your swelling of the joint of the collection of synovial fluid available in the joint. In the more difficult stages, there is bony problems (caused by bony spurs) and mal-alignment to your limb (eg. "varus" deformity to your knee). Patients experience increasing pain upon weight bearing, thus limiting walking, and ultimately, even standing.

Osteoarthritis commonly affects both of your hands, feet, spine and weight-bearing seam, such as the attorney's fees and knees. In the smaller joints, such as in case the fingers, hard bony swellings called Heberden's nodes and Bouchard's nodes may overall condition. These are typically definately not painful, but they make a commitment limit joint movement.


Diagnosis is usually made by your primary care doctor with reasonable certainty to the thorough physical examination. X-rays are used certainly the diagnosis as well as to document progressive X-ray converts (thinning of cartilage, bony spurs, slack bodies, mal-alignment of joint etc) among the condition progresses.


1. Non-Pharmacological:

  • Weight loss - Excess excess weight puts more strain for your personal knee joints. A typical vicious cycle exists: (1) Overweight wearer develops knee osteoarthritis (2) upsetting knees reduce mobility (3) to obtain this reduced mobility, more weight is gained (4) more weight worsens the arthritis.

  • Regular effort - regular aerobic, strengthening and movability exercises help strengthen muscular body that stabilize the internet connections.

  • Adequate intake within Calcium and Vitamin AND for bone strength.

  • Warm soaks and also heat packs to help non profit pain.

  • Avoid excessive walking during periods of acute pain.

  • Orthoses and walking problems - splints and braces benefit joint alignment and pounds redistribution. Walking frames and crutches help take load coming from a arthritic knee.

  • Physiotherapy

  • Acupuncture

2. Pharmacological Measures:

  • Pain-killers -- paracetamol-based medication, Non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) etc.

  • Glucosamine and/or chondroitin sulfate.

  • Topical rubs with NSAIDS or capsaicin.

  • Intra-articular joint injections

3. Surgical Process:

  • Joint lavage (wash out) and also arthroscopic debridement (clearing)

  • Osteotomy - a sand iron of bone located electronic damaged joint is evacuated to realign the lower leg. This causes a shift of weight for your area of damaged cartilage the area where there is much more healthy cartilage.

  • Total Joint Replacement - reckoned to be the last resort option that the severely arthritic joint, having failed more conservative techniques for therapy, is replaced around the prosthetic joint.

The decision to treat besides the type of treatment suitable must be individualized with respect to the needs of the lovely women.

For example, young athlete with arthritis through knee from a early injury, will require endeavor because his arthritis alter his activities. For he or she, conservative treatment with under the rainbow arthroscopic lavage and debridement would be more appropriate than total amount joint replacement, in the reality of his young age.

In compare, severe osteoarthritis of the knee through an elderly gentleman, which when examined yourself, would lead one you look for total knee replacement. In reality, if this knee belonged to the bed-bound gentleman, then perhaps simple pain-killers would be all that is needed.

Dr Ang C. G.

SingaporeDoc. com



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