Osteoarthritis is one of the common type of arthritis among amount of arthritis. This is a degenerative joint disease which usually occurs witout a doubt weight bearing joints in addition a spine, hip, knee, you should hands. It results from structural within the cartilage of the joints and / or padding or natural shock observer along side joint.

The major situations are pain in joints especially after their long term usage, swelling, warmth, solidity and deformation. The whole body may not also be affected by osteoarthritis

Remedies: The symptoms can should relieved or decreased by building some medication and exercises or some home made remedies.

1) Rest: - Rest is advised wounded passengers acute inflammation
2) Dietary considerations: - Patients should avoid foods which usually acidic. Fruits & vegetables are.
3) Heat and Cold heal: - Applying hot bags for 15-20 min. can reduce pain, and stiffness.
Putting cold packs is also in addition pain and swelling.
4) Sea bath or salt baths: - The iodine evident in the salt helps within the regain and regenerate erased tissues.
5) Exercise: - A little and private proper exercise benefits the relief osteoarthritis. For this always consult a physical therapist. Exercises can be thought to increase flexibility, giving strength to muscles too as for bones. Yoga and aerobics have also first been helpful in reducing irritation.
6) Omega 3 fat: - Intake of nuts as well as walnuts provides omega 3 fats straight into the body which helpful in correcting the wear & tear.
7) Oil caress: - Warm oil is essential to massage the stiff and painful joints. It improves the stream and reduces inflammation try to stiffness.
8) Foods: - Inclusion to be able to items such as sesame seed products, garlic, bananas, green gram, herbal tea of alfalfa, eggplants along with. are helpful.
9) Calcium: - Intake of calcium will often fit of easily absorbed calcium lactate gives beneficial results.



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