Sports like football are heaped with knee injuries because they involve hits outward of the knee. Contact outward of the knee translates into meniscus tears, ACL tears and MCL tears to any or all occur at once.


The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) attaches to your femur (thigh bone) and in what way tibia (shin bone), and essentially prevents your primary aim femur from sliding too much forward. Like other ligaments underneath the knee, the ACL provides stability and contains movement such as rotation for the knee. Injuries to the ACL what causes both pain and swelling away from your knee.

ACL tears translate into other injuries such the same as arthritis and cartilage crying. Because the ACL permits stabilize the knee, injuries to your ACL make the knee less stable. When the knee is less never ending, sudden pivoting movements these plans difficult and oftentimes entice arthritis and cartilage crying.

Treatment for ACL Injuries

Once the ACL is utterly torn, it cannot heal back together, even when the ends are sewn together again. The most common fix for ACL tears is reconstructive surgery. Reconstructive surgery involves removal of the torn ends connected with an ACL and replacement inside their ends with a graft. The graft is secured by tunnels who will be made in the back of the leg and femur.


The medical collateral ligament (MCL) is located in the inside of the knee joint and operations to prevent the joint from examining. Like the ACL, the MCL attaches to both the femur and tibia and controls stability away from your knee. Injuries to the MCL will need pain and swelling away from your knee.

Usually, MCL injuries occur the place that the knee joint buckles if they're hit. Because it functions to prevent the throughout the knee joint from checking, pressure to the beyond the knee can injure associated with MCL. In addition to hits to the outside of the knee, stretching the MCL overly can also insure that it is tear.

Treatment for MCL Injuries

MCL problems heal quickly and rrn no way require surgery. Resting might be knee, icing the injury and straightforward taking anti-inflamatory medications could the injury heal with less effort.

Severe sprains to the MCL sometimes have to have a knee brace. Usually, even patients with knee braces may be able to resume normal activity and athletic activity every time they are no longer obtain pain. If the injury is somewhat more severe, physical therapy and a 3 to 4 month break from normal activity is required.



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