Rampage Jackson is surely an infighter and always results.

If you watch your sweetheart knockout of Chuck Liddell it was from close range (punching type and closer). If you peer at their first eliminate (Chuck and Rampage's) it is possible to Rampage dominate Chuck by smothering him as a result inside fighting ability. Because of this , he'll lose (again) to pay out Wanderlei Silva.

Wanderlei Silva provides a Thai clinch that really needs to be deadly. From inside (where your strugle will go) he want to clinch Rampage and affect him out again that will help knees.

I know seriously are thinking, if Rampage helps Chuck so easily (who out perform Wanderlei), then all this won't make sense. Let now i'm explain.

Here's what took place Wanderlei's fight with Put together (the first one, and the ones hopefully not the last). Wanderlei tried way too much boxing and played towards Liddell's game. Had monk clinched Liddell more, he'd have probably knocked Overcome. Chuck has an inconvenient stance (an open stance) that opens him up with straight punches down the center.

Wanderlei has a sensible fighting stance, but swings very wildly with this hooks (which is primary he lost to Chuck together with the, Chuck was throwing his right narrowing lower the pipe and smashing Wanderlei to his power shots).

That's why Quinton jackson beat him (Chuck), because Rampage's boxing is tight and access. Chuck needs space never to throw his bombs and provides Rampage effectively stopped his gameplan. But again, in order agressively play his effective boxing, he must be in a range he can't in with Wanderlei. Wanderlei calls for clinch him, and definitely knock him out with knees your 2nd around at close to the 2: 20 mark.



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