I am accomplishing this simply to share my experiences with normal folks in hopes that it will not give comfort to others estimated at experiencing similar things that I've had after surgeries. I am the first to admit that I am not an expert on this study, but I do have personal experience from surgeries that I seemed to be through. I know that anesthesia becomes necessary for most surgical procedures, but as with much more drug that is administered the risk of side effects is always there.

Possible Side Effects related Anesthesia

Most doctors seem to focus on the short term unintended side effects like nausea, vomiting, predicament, fatigue, weakness, blurred face, sore throat, dizziness, mood swings and unusual dreams. Why don't you consider long term effects? I feel that the longer term damage to the brain is actually a problem that few doctors prefer admit. Makes sense to me personally that shutting the brain down for a long time of time (say 2-6 hours for the purpose of example) cannot be great for overall brain function. I believe that an adverse effect stipulations can come such as depression, mood swings, memory loss and overall changes in to think clearly.

The Effects of Anesthesia From Multiple Surgeries

I been employed by in construction many of our life, and I take numerous injuries which stays required surgery. The starting one was a Knee Surgery as well 1986 which lasted 6 hours and i also had the hick-ups for 3 days from the surgery, (which was known as a side effect). I was hospitalized for the 3 days and was presented with what they said changed into anti- psychotic medications to face this problem! I and that is had memory lapses versus depression issues, which I blamed simply because that I was unemployment for so long to bring back.

I have had four other surgeries from that time:

1. right elbow repair to a old injury. (3 hour or so surgery) Oct. 1990
2. supply bicep repair. (2 hour surgery) June 1991
3 Right neck repair (4 hour surgery) March. 2004
4. Left rotator cuff repair the problem (4hour surgery) July 2009

I frequently have many questions for years about the longer term side effects of most notorious anesthesia... which are based without any help experiences. This last surgery detects me feeling worse than any one of the others. Maybe it is because that I have been from work so long, but I don't think that is every aspect! I think the your effects are stacking up of all the surgeries.

General Anesthesia... plenty of Medicine?

I know that every my surgeries did get anesthesia. I know I don't need been to comfortable without the help of anesthesia. I am just hoping to dig up by sharing some of individualized experiences a can do more research on helping others using these after effects. I would like thought of myself as no being strong enough to get on with. After reading in forums utilizing topic I now realize I am not alone. After my surgeries in 1990 and 1991. I sought psychiatric help linked to the problem, and was prescribed Zoloft to compliment the depression I seen. The cost for had been drug was $100. 00 per month at this point, and it made me sense that a zombie! The very monthly expense was sad me also... a not having win situation! You apparent drug to offset the after due to the previous drug! Craziness in my experience!

I am Choosing to experience a Different Path this Moment!

I will be 57 yr old next month. This last surgery having on July of 2009 rrs really a blessing for me. It has opened my mind to all sorts of new ways of serious consideration. I am learning many of the new computer skills and starting custom online business i really can quit working processing. I am doing rather effectively, but my thought complexes just aren't as sharp as they need to be when I talk to most. I know what I needed say, but it just won't come out of my mouth correctly! An unsatisfactory thing when trying to generate a new business contact... people look and feel waiting on me to explain my thoughts! People are to busy to wait that i can talk.

I am battling depression in a major way, but I don't should lean on prescription medications to cope that. I just started a vitamin and natural supplement program which hope will help me taking this battle! I unfortunately fail to trust the drug companies anylonger. I think they do more harm than good for people.

I have started to some natural supplements i always believe will help my hand. I've been on them to buy a month now and will also be the "placebo effect" going on, but I do feel like better. My mood cerebrovascular events aren't as severe. My bouts with depression are less common. I have never been a person to take vitamins in the past, but this time I've to feel better. What do i have to lose? I hope now that I will be able to share some positive results in tow in the months moving forward. Thanks for reading this process article! I sure hope will help you someone else sense that they aren't alone and / or crazy. Blessings to you!



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