Pain behind the knee is something just about everyone has or might experience even as we play sports that involve bending in an exceedingly knees, running, tennis, or any activity that strains the area.

Here are some things you need to note if you ever run into such pain behind areas knee:

1. Possible Arthritis

This belongs to the most common causes of pain using the knee. In fact, if you more than of 65 one in couple have arthritis with the knee been one of the most common joints involved.

The pain of arthritis is definitely a dull tooth ache pain that is occasionally sharp with unanticipated movements. The pain is usually located from your joint line (where this is basically the tibia meets the femur) and in front of the knee. Mild and sometimes severe swelling is a member of this pain. The pain is worse as you are exit a chair or perhaps car. It is also worse with any performed walking or standing. Sixty usually better with settle-back, heat (sometimes ice), stratum the knee and discomfort and pain medication.

Occasionally the knee may become popular the rough uneven surfaces away from your cartilage. Patients often analysis grinding in the leg, and occasional popping.

2. Minor Tear of this Cartilage Surface

Rather then essential cyst or fluid construct, the causes of this behind the knee might only be slight micro tears to your cartilage. This can be treated with just one solutions in late this article. Tears, although minor, require no surgery and will heal themselves depending on the endure allowed for healing considering the fact that the activity that aggravates it is usually avoided.

3. Baker's Cyst The cysts usually occurs due onto a problem in your elbow such as arthritis an exclusive tear of your meniscus. The swelling from this difficulty causes fluid to accumulate in your knee. This fluid pushes out the weakest point of the availability of joint capsule surrounding well being knee. This is usually to a possible back portion of well being knee capsule, and big cyst forms. The cyst has a valve constructed of your joint capsule arrangement. This valve can sometimes become clogged also , the fluid becomes trapped using the cyst. Thus, even as soon as the injury has resolved, you still have the swelling at the back of your knee. This is a member of pain usually described to have dull and aching. Sixty worse with prolonged jogging or standing. It may be improved with rest, altitude and taking pain treatment methods.

Many people agree that in relation to pain behind the leg, the best plan of action is Control, Wind, and Rehabilitate.


Cryotheraphy which involves putting ice nearly area for 5 minutes at a stretch. This will help slow up the pain. Do not start to apply ice if appropriate burning sensation is felt.

Heat from a orthopedic pad for 10-20 minutes on a lower setting may trim down pain. Alternative methods include creams that creates a heating sensation akin Icy-Hot or AST BioFreeze oily fat.

Bracing from a comfortable knee brace fetches some needed relief and stability towards the area, reducing the pressure nearly area and thus; reducing the pain. There are many knee braces available which you'll find worn during activity or in point of fact where the area develops into bothersome.


There's nothing special regarding this old saying. Simply prevent the activities that aggravate that the pain and participate in ones that seem to help it. Making a listing of things NOT to do and did you know the things TO DO will help you to in determining what makes the pain worse. Avoid activities that continue to make the pain worse perfectly as no better. This is typical advice. Pain is an alert signal.


Talk to a Doctor and make an action plan to rehabilitate the knee through controlled motions. Rehabilitation includes motivation really the prescribed exercises. The ideal exercises as prescribed also , the proper equipment to keep motions in controlled.

Pain behind the knee is without question common in some many sports so you can suffer from this running almost anything from snow skiing to racquetball. By taking precautions about the sports and understanding what could potentially cause this, will allow more than merely enjoyable sports activities, but a life of activity.



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