While liposuction is quite possible on almost any body area below the neck, little mention is available of fat removal the particular knee. Yet, in my own practice, I regularly perform knee liposuction particularly when the inner thighs are being treated. Most female patients can benefit from knee liposuction if it is done judiciously and in reflection on the line and method to obtain the inner thigh on to the calf area. Knee liposuction can vegetables and fruits very rewarding results that will make patients more comfortable in shorts and across a knee dresses and skirt.

The knee sits within important aesthetic juncture between your thigh and the calves. The most important aesthetic line is incorporated in the inner aspect in the straight or mildly leaning line should run from inner thighs down to the top of the calf before the piece bows out again. Whether or not the inner knee fat bags outward, it disrupts this elective line giving one the occurrence of knobby or chunky hips. While the top and outer component to the knee also compensates the knee unit, little can be successfully done with those areas compared to inside of the knee.

Liposuction of the knee is usually straightforward to do. But the technique is essential if too much fat are not removed or irregularities and indentation with regard to each overlying skin is not the result. A very small cannula is used if we do stab incision just behind the lining aspect of the knee in most cases popliteal crease. While the knee had to be bent to do the surgery, it is important to regularly check out the progress of fat removal by re-straightening the tibia bone and checking how the within aesthetic line is turning. When done as a standalone procedure, it is important to manufacture a gradual transition up in the direction of inner thigh so there is absolutely no demarcation line between the interior knee and the inside thigh. I find it esthetically important to also you should the liposuction is carried down into the upper calf area therefore i slight inward curve is scheduled before it bows back out again into the upper hindfoot area.

I have found that knee liposuction can make a dramatic difference in the overall knee area and can get rid of the handful of fat on the inner knee that lots of women have. Even some women to that thin thighs and shapely calves can continue to have a slight interior knee bulge. This area is is actually not metabolically active with no no amount of exercise and diet can remove it. I usually have great patients wear a elbow wrap or knee brace for a few days until they feel comfortable without putting it on. The biggest issue with knee liposuction is the fact, because it is exactly the flexion area, stiffness in the knee can be expected for 4 to 6 several weeks after surgery when bending. Normal physical activities, including running, can be resumed three weeks after surgery



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