The connected with "Unmasking and treating the root problem":

This technique is being explained for the first time. It is a system of new hope for my own patients, and gives prospects results. It also gives area the clue and the knowledge of a new etiology take an symptom of Pain Knee Joint. Clinically our work has proved the pain knee is due to lesions that were outside the joint and the aging process has nothing to do with it. These lesions may appear as small as 35 years of age tend to be invariably found in professionals cases of Osteo-arthritis neck of joint that clinically present with Pain Knee. Why these lesions emphasize is a question to be answered, but anyway one is well demarcated, identifiable and in addition they severely tender on intensely palpation. These lesions when experienced give complete relief to the symptom of Pain Knee, thus certain other treatment modalities would have be postponed, till the time that the patient escapes much better from this new treatment method.

However a big task continues to be lying ahead. This new algorithm choosing the ultimate authenticated and standardized by making bigger treatment models. Their results evaluated and follow-ups tried. Till date this new algorithm only gives us a clue of living etiology of pain knee together with a new possible treatment technique.
Trigger spots identified around knee joint are truly under:

1. Above the joint on the medial side it is on the Adductor Tubercle, possibly a particular insertion of Adductor Magnus (Fibro Osseous Junction).

2. Higher up on the tendons and ligaments quite similar line on the medial side. May be these tend to be tendonitis or with coupled underlying Bursitis.

3. On Lateral side the situation on the origin associated with Gastronemius lateral head (Fibro Osseous Junction).

4. Higher up on the tendons and ligaments quite similar line about the. May be these tend to be tendonitis or with coupled underlying Bursitis.

5. Underneath the upper border of Patella (this is specially rare).

6. On the within aspect of the joints upon Tibial Collateral Ligament ( Pes anserine bursa).

7. The Dorsum above the popliteal fossa.
The first and the third points are invariably found out of all cases presenting with Frustration Knee joint. Rarely a patient may have only an example. These points are basically the actual main symptom of pain as we clinically see in all of our everyday practice. Why these sites are more prone to develop these pathological changes is an extremely important question grow to be answered.

However other questions that wants forward towards us to become explaining the etiology and pathogenesis of the disease are:

What completely is the pathology at these sites?
Why are certain people going to develop these changes while are not?
Can them be prevented?
Are them posture related?
Having identified them what are your favorite options to treat involving?



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