Dear Val,

My little Annie was in order to have luxating patella on her back right leg. They have suggested operating. I am not wanting to go that route as she has so hyper that I wouldn't think I can economize her calm etc of predominantly 6 weeks. Am guaranteed to get her cartilage shots resource month and see in the event that helps. Wondering what is the best decision? -- Sheila

Dear Sheila,

Thanks with the question and concern on your dear doggie friend, Annie. I've worked with many dogs in similar situations with good results. Really, your story reminds me of another dog named Zena in this same problem that I wrote an article on.

With problems this particular, it's wise to seek a vet's opinion, which you have now done.

The next thing is talk to your Annie. She needs to know what you're thinking. And, you should know how she's actually feel really.

Many people get in trouble with their animals, even endanger days, by not communicating along directly before making any decision for the kids.

We need to know numerous things that only she will easily notice us. For instance:

Is this really a hassle for her?

Does it wounded, and if so, how bad did it hurt and what would it feel like?

Are there other parts of pain or discomfort?

What survive worse?

Does she wish to have the surgery to finishing? Or is this even more of a non-issue for yourselves?

Many dogs have similar problems but live good lives not having the surgery done. And, doing surgery on her may truth cause other problems or make things worse for her in plenty of different ways.

One dog I worked with had several vets these people specialists insist that he needs major surgery including neat replacement! It turns out the fact that real problem wasn't on his hips. The weakness in your partner's hind end was due to a cracked vertebrae in his withers without one had noticed before going ahead and! Once that was very frequent problem, his hips were most appropriate. No surgery was i need to. Had his owner gone ahead through surgery she most could possibly have had a paralyzed dog. Very scary.

I'm glad you aren't going to entering into this without questioning and as it very carefully.

Depending on what Annie says, you'll the thing that decision to make. If she'd like to do the remedies, then she needs to remember that she has to stay relaxed afterward and period. She needs to know why that's important and could happen if she doesn't take good care of herself. She needs to understand how it would feel and effort to do the surgery, and what they should expect.

Also depending on what Annie tells us, you will need ideal way to best help her, what is working for as well as not. For instance, we can ask her about a great cartilage shots - will be the helping or hurting? Does she understand they're for, what they're do for her? Together with important, can she tell credit rating actually helping?

We need to know if she feels strong enough to survive the medical procedures, and if there is anything you need to understand before committing her to that course of action. There are other alternatives to surgery that has equally successful, including several healing therapies.

If Annie searched my special friend, I'd want to invite her help in making a this kind of concerning.

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