Aspect 1: Standup/Striking
This almost certainly the most obvious aspects. Nine out of ten people that watch a number of major promotions on ppv or television are looking for some top fighters to knock then one fighter's head off. I know of quite a bit more disciplines and techniques involved with the striking game rather of swinging your fists significantly around. The most popular discipline now in MMA is Muay thai Kickboxing. This striking art got its start in Thailand and involves using the fists, elbows, knees, and so you shins. The reason why this translates to training for mma so well is that this utilizes control through ones clinch, it gives more opportunistic and dynamic incredible, and it gives more opportunities for some time referee stoppage.

Aspect step 2: Ground game/Wrestling
This aspect one is the most subtle but is mildly gaining more recognition with his fans of the sport slowly start to educate themselves on all of the techniques that goes regarding the ground game. One just for the aspects within the simple reason game are take downs. These take downs are usually achieved through techniques rooted in collegiate wrestling, judo, only sombo. These things are important because they supply you with the edge in a touch of fight if someone wonders for the skin striker than you. Whenever the take down is submitted however, another part where it MMA begins. Once and incapacitated, the fighter is to help do one of a multitude of things: the first being to offset their opponent with the choke or a combined lock, the second is to get land effective strikes onto the ground and either air pump their opponent or make the referee to stop your struggle, the third is the moment fighter wishes to establish up and either start striking or work at another take down.

Aspect 3: Conditioning
This aspect is one of the most looked over but an exceptionally essential aspects to guru. When a fighter is practicing a fight they need to incorporate a heavy level of conditioning. These intense workouts help prepare your own body for the fight which could eventually happen. A fighter is working out in an attempt to exert themselves to their truest potential for a minimum of 15 minutes. The conditioning can also help their minds plan the fight as superbly. They will be determining, sparring, and wrestling for hours to not only help their health, but to show that their mind that they can push themselves. Most fighters will train with the idea that "train hard so your strugle is easy" running through their scalp.



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