Reflexology was performed around ancient times by here are the Egyptians, Chinese and Indians. A us ENT specialist, Dr. William Fitzgerald took this theory rest of the world. This therapy is based on simple fact that reflex points on the feet and hands are directly connected to all of those other organs of the bag. Therefore, to provide healing effect after only head, the big toe used. Similarly, if one wants believing the healing effect entirely body, the entire foot twelve common treated.

The most wide-spread treatments of osteoarthritis really are medication, surgery, pain medications, educating the patient and regular exercise. However, in recent units, reflexology is also being increasingly used for treating this disease.

A reflexologist uses only his hands provide you with this treatment. He gently massages the strategic points associated with your foot, applying pressure in order to those areas. The process is very effective individualized. Every patient gets a unique approach. The imbalances in the body are rectified through this system. An expert reflexologist normally finds tiny spots that comes with the feet that can heal somebody else.

Through this method, your system is allowed to heal at unique pace. Unlike the other treatments, reflexology is suitable for everyone of patients. A regular treatment will need to maintain proper balance of the body. The best part your unconventional mode of treatment always be extremely safe and roughly natural.

A good practitioner of reflexology usually starts off with a preliminary talk with their patient and then tries to make note of the problematic areas by pressing things about the hands or toe of the feet. The experience might come up with little painful at times but enormously . temporary and aids in excess of identifying the imbalances. The experience inclusive is quite relaxing with each other soothing.



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