It seems like you've tried everything to take out that nagging pain interior a knee. You've gone on specialists, used ice cases, hot packs, and both topical and injected pain-killer. Now your doctor is highly suggesting total joint replacement to become able relieve your symptoms.

When you have to make a big decision with regards to your joint health, look no over and above the team of experts purchased at one of Mercy Medical-related Partners' hospitals. This network of care offers anyone interested in a new knee, sweet, or shoulder proven options a swift recovery.

"Orthopedics a great ever-growing and ever-changing town, " says Carol Owens, RN, BBA, director of as well as surgical services at Mercy Hospital Anderson. "When you are researching for the best surgical solution\ to your needs, having allies like homeowners who available through our orthopedic program will save select the best overall body. "

A Look at Select the Options

Common procedures performed over at Mercy facilities include:

• main hip replacement
• total leg replacement
• total shoulder replacement
• spine surgery

"While our different procedure, far and gone, is a total leg replacement, we offer any amount of orthopedic services, " reviews Nate Chaney, RN, BSN, orthopedic program director as well as unit based educator for that Orthopaedic Center of Clarity at Mercy Hospital Fairfield. "Our options even include computer-assisted too minimally-invasive procedures. "

World Class Care

What sets Mercy down other hospitals is the resolve forpersistance to providing personalized care. At all five Mercy hospitals in Greater Cincinnati patients cover the attend a joint aftermarket class. Designed to offer future patients possibility to view the facility, meet the staff, complete excellent pre-admission testing, and find the answers to all their joint substitute for questions, this course is greatly improving outcomes within the direction of Mercy facilities.

"The is not mandatory at our facility, but many doctors investigate patients attend them and some require them, " reviews Chaney. "When we began offering the classes adding, only a quarter in the patients attended, but now we're up to more than two-thirds. Patients who attend leave grateful that they came, and have lesser complications and faster recoveries. "

By participating in joint replacement classes, Mercy hopes to condition joint replacement patients and see transform them into partners in their own recovery process.

"We certainly encourage an additional and their family to find yourself the joint replacement walkway, " says Owens. "By getting a concerted effort to include all relevant parties, and to educate those next the patient, the process of recovery becomes a joint day. Our proven results speak for the potency of this approach. "

For more about orthopedic care available through Mercy hospitals, investigation e-mercy. com.



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