Knee Arthritis the kind of problem especially for people over 50 yoa. About 1 in 2 people at this stage in life will show some signs of this condition. Unfortunately, the actual aetiology in the disease is unknown contrary to loads of research around the world. But what is known is that that your particular family history of arthritis if you have experienced a previous damage to you knee your chances of suffering from this condition is increased, especially is damages occurred in your teenage life.

Treatment options for Knee Arthritis are very different, ranging from medication, exercise and weight loss to the amount of load placed around the joint.

Bracing also known as orthotics is also a treatment option especially charge card offers are wanting to stay active and place off a knee replacement as long as possible. The function of a knee brace is compliment decrease the impact force against the ground as the limb takes weight while walking. The brace can include pressure to the lateral or medial side of the knee to fit the alignment of the leg and therefore allowing actually knee to be held in a better biomechanical position.

Knee braces (or knee orthoses) are usually divided into 2 features:

1. Off the Shelf

2. Custom Made

Off the shelf braces come in various sizes (e. g. little, medium and large). It is a matter of choosing one which fits you and be it feels comfortable.

Custom made knee braces can be better than off the self braces because the knee brace is specifically accentuate your figure you and your knee. However, like anything customized made, the cost is earlier mentioned. Prices can be as many as $1000. Another important another thing consider is your foundation wear. By having a well fitting shoe that provides good shock absorption capability, the stress or load applied to the knee will appear reduced.

Unfortunately, Knee Arthritis is a complaint that typically progresses with age. Many treatment options are available. Even though knee bracing may experience awkward for the initial few weeks of use and cost up to $1000, it provides an individual incredible chance reduce the load placed for the knee and therefore kept active in their old age of life.



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