Ok, so the last two newsletters identified the approach and entire body takeoff, now it is time to talk about what to do on a sunny day.

The first stage, what your head, shoulders and back come to pass over the forbid, is fairly straightforward. Company more than knock the bar served by your shoulders, the solution (jump farther away from the bar or calm down jumping towards/into the bar so much) can often pretty obvious.

The subsequently stage, which begins when your lower back passes of the bar, can be tough. You see, the common conception is you might want to arch your back if you can ,. The focus, however, best on raising your body and pushing your hips up to clear the bar. Take it into consideration, if you arch the spine, your upper back and butt one dosen't need to lower to form that arch. This creates a a small amount pocket for the bar to feed.

If you raise within hips though, it provides an impressive smooth, long curve through your shape that will glide of the bar as your disregard around it, getting the increasingly common bar-knocking culprit (your butt) of the bar.

The last stage is as well problematic. I have heard those coaches say, "Just take your legs. " MISTAKENLY! I like to designate, "Just kiss your legs. " By bringing the knees to your face in a timely manner, this will get two things remote in the order they manage the bar.

First, your thighs pass over the bar, so why kick your calf muscles? You need to get those thighs distant first! By thinking about kissing the knees, this will quickly contract your abs and win your thighs over your hard earned dollar bar. Then, let your calf muscles kick so you don't pull at the bar off. Flexible quads will assist to here.

So, lets summarize:

1) Let your natural style get their top half over the actual bar
2) Raising your hips one is more important than arching your back
3) Should attempt kiss your knees instead of kicking your legs

Hopefully these tips assist you in getting extra edge to replace the PR. Best of chance!



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