A meniscus tear is medically looked as a common knee injury while in the cartilage forming the suupport joint. It is called a torn cartilage which sometimes affect severely the mobility inside of your knee joint. This injury it has experienced by athletes who is going to play contact sports using a boxing, football, and basketball for example.


There are three numbers of meniscus tear, each it's own symptoms as accepts:

1. Minor Tear

• You sense a little pain and swelling inside the knee joint. This usually lasts about 2-3 weeks.

2. Moderate Tear

• Pain gradually increases during which you experience it either at the same side or center from the knee joint. Swelling heightens and limits the mobility of your family knee. Although you may as well walk, you'll have the sensation of your knee receiving stiff.
• Sharp extremely painful pain when twisting exactly the same knee or squatting.

3. Heavy Tear

• As the torn cartilage easy the joint area, your knees may be wobbly this means you will, at anytime, give track.
• You can hear clicks your knees and you will have locked knee.
• You may experience severe limitations all over the mobility of your knee and the power to walk.


When you experience the above symptoms especially out of moderate to severe, you must undergo correct diagnosis from the condition. Your health practitioner or physician can recommend clinical testing of your problem and confirm for anybody who is indeed suffering from meniscus tear and even the severity of the situation.

Some of these clinical tests are as follows:

• X-Rays and MRIs to visualize the tear
• McMurray Test to choose the extent of swelling
• Appley and Steinmann tests to measure swelling and pain


Treatment of this time meniscus tear will be based upon several factors such properly as: (1) the extent or severity of the tear; (2) a new tear; (3) as well as your real age and how active and mobile you're going at your age.

Usually the options for treatment are as is provided:

• Non-surgical treatment that includes making use of ice compress for puffiness and pain, natural process of recovery that involves knee snooze and elevation, undergoing therapy sessions, and the wearing of knee brace so that the condition is healed.
• Surgical operations that is an method for severe conditions. There are a rage of surgery to correct the condition, such as: sewing the two tear, removing the torn section of the meniscus, or removing a huge area.

It is always prudent to get the non-surgical treatment prior to the surgical treatment. If if surgery is the only just option, it is still best accomplish the torn meniscus fixed or repaired as they having it removed partially or totally.

Always explore your options and hesitate to ask your physician in order to reach more about the physical shape. You can also check out the internet for valuable information that can find the right a nice relief to meniscus tear.



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