"Before Regarding taken this treatment, my lifestyle had deteriorated, " declared Tom McDarby (71) on Limerick.

A keen golf player, Tom had spent his life travelling the globe with the British Military services and later drove taxis regarding.

"I would never work. You could not maintain me down, " he states.

However, Tom developed arthritic pain in their right knee back year.

"During the last five or six months I had been having a particularly hell within the time. I was eating the painkillers to get yourself a pain. I could not entertain it. I was practicing tennis very poorly. "

He furnishes: "The pain, when it might came on, steadily got worse when the days went by. There no escaping this joint pain. I was like a " friend " who was cornered. I had been taking painkillers for one year, and I was looking everything, but the tablets only worked short lived. "

Tom was made seemed to Synovial Fluid Replacement Treatment during a chance meeting with the availability of TV repair man.

"He saw me limping and mentioned was it my leg the path hurt, and I told him there are arthritis in my leg. He had heard to synovial fluid replacement treatments from his sister. I took my first treatment this morning and for the past week I've not known pain. "

"I was willing to consume treatment at this portion, " he says.

A F. P. in Charleville explained to Tom that what can be involved is an injection for your painful knee each week for a couple weeks and that little more treatment should be necessary that is at least six months. The doctor explained what are the treatment lubricates the joints and acts like shock absorber, restoring the knee end result of the normal state, thereby giving great relief from the pain and firmness of arthritis. "The substance is suited and mimics the natural fluid relating to the joint. It's correct in relation to is sodium hyaluronan. " It was launched just more than a year ago in Ireland . it is available on the medical card with the drugs refund scheme.

"I took a prescribed analgesic for the first two days for the first injection and then I did not take any more, millimeter says Tom.

The injection was given birth to into the hollow guitar neck of Tom's knee. After the first injection Tom remembers driving home in the vehicle and his knee budding very sore. "I discovered, what have I drunk? I've made myself more life-threatening, " he says. "But in hour the pain delivered eased off, and then pain was gone. Last week I felt tightness driving my knee, but there are nothing like the pain We had been before. I just feel good. "

Tom does not might need to revisit the doctor until just about six months.

"It's been two age ranges since I felt any better than I do now, " he states. "To me, this drug has been a life-line. I am subsequent, pain-free and enjoying cover. "

It has given Fred his old life urls, and he now finds he will actively enjoy quality time together with children, seven grandchildren remarkable wife Anne.



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