High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is gathering popularity as a novel, non-invasive method for treating prostate cancer. It one in all accurate procedure which aims in order to all pathogenic tissues a number of high frequency sound swells throughout the year. This kind of treatment solution had been long sought by doctors to cure prostate cancer. Some of the good things of HIFU for prostate cancer instead of traditional methods of treatment are less to suffer erectile function and never any incontinence. Thus, HIFU certainly desirable treatment for a lot of men.

HIFU has been for years in Europe and Asia but only has just been approved in other locations. Unfortunately, while some countries when you were a Canada accepted data earned from European studies about the efficacy of HIFU, others like The country did not, and now it's in trials in America.

Unfortunately, this leaves Americans with zero options for this procedure with the exception that to leave the country's economy for treatment. Although cost for HIFU when considering countries like Canada and Mexico can now be above $25, 000, the treatment are found in other countries for less than half of that.

Passport Medical doctor, North America's leading medical tourism company in the winner of the 2011 "Leadership Excellence In Medical Facilitation" pull organizes overseas HIFU therapy for American and Canadian patients requesting affordability, quality, and health care. Fortunately, the prostate medicare health insurance with HIFU only demand 3-4 days away, and patients can usually return to work right after their return.

The Growth Of Medical Tourism As well as Benefits

Medical tourism refers back to the practice of traveling internationally to ascertain healthcare services. The idea is often initially met with a bizarre look, and then people realize the many hallmarks of the practice. Excellent quality healthcare services are provided internationally in major metropolitan works. Major private hospitals download the top physicians, many who has trained internationally. This is why medical tourism is increasing for a price of over 30% each and every year.

So why travel overseas for healthcare? There have proven to be several reasons this happens:

Uninsured Or Underinsured

Many Americans doesn't possess health insurance and want affordable options. With costly surgery costs skyrocketing, many can't afford the often outrageous expenses associated with necessary procedures like space-age foam surgery and cardiovascular surgery. Other countries often are exactly the same procedures in internationally accredited private hospitals for 80-90% less. A knee replacement which enables them to cost $50, 000 the united states can be had back in $7000 in Taiwan, and similar matters, at one of our planet's top joint replacement dojo.

More Affordable Elective Procedures

With the economy is pain, more people are being careful with their discretionary investing. Elective procedures like cosmetic plastic surgery, fertility treatments like IVF, and dental treatments can be financially debilitating inside U. S. Countries like Costa Rica and Mexico attract thousands visitors each year for affordable dental and cosmetic surgery, and many of a state clinics are treating along to 85% North American patients due to the huge cost difference. The complete mouth restoration that are ranging $70, 000 in the U. S. can cost well under $15, 000 In Panama and nicaragua ,, a saving of 83%. What's more, many are shocked and to have The World Health Desiring even ranks Costa Rican healthcare finished U. S. healthcare, and as such arguments about diminished credibility are totally unfounded.

Seeking Alternative Procedures

One other reason individuals are leaving home for healthcare could be to access treatments aren't currently allowed in the country. Treatments like stem cell phone therapy and promising alternatives like HIFU for cancer of prostate are attracting thousands of utilizing Americans each year trying to find what they can't access inside your home. Medical tourists are taking hold of their healthcare looking treatment options outside and their borders.

Popular Destinations

Above 50 tells have acknowledge medical tourism since you are a national industry. Of practicing these, a few are perfectly known. Countries like Costa Rica, Offshore, India, Thailand, Singapore are only a handful of the countries that are attracting loads of, and in some cases untold numbers of international patients every year.

Various agencies are now pc help patients organize because they foreign health trips in order to provide affordable, high quality corrects. Passport Medical has turn into a North America's leading medical tourism company connecting clients in to world's top facilities designed for healthcare. Passport Medical received your chosen 2011 "Leadership Excellence During medical Facilitation" award and is a huge keynote speaker at the various models of international medical tourism group meetings.



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