Custom Fit Knee Alternative In South Florida

From weight bearing to running a workshop, the knee joint plays an important role in most forms accompanying mobility. But when it usually is damaged or suffers during the deteriorating effects of inflammation of a joint, any movement can be interested painful. When knee damage progresses up to now, total Knee Replacement Surgery may work option. The success need to artificial replacement joint depends largely how well it fits to the existing bone structure. Custom fit knee replacement procedures is likely to ensure that the new replacement joint perform as closely to an inherent knee joint as available alternatives.

Knee Anatomy

The knee is made of three main components: these same patella (kneecap), femur (thighbone), issue tibia (shinbone). Tendons and ligaments that run through and around the joint connect muscle to bone supply strength and support. These same meniscus, a wedge in respect of cartilage, is located included in the joint, serving as a buffer is amongst femoral head and the surface of the the tibia. The meniscus also truly a shock absorber and any stabilizing effect by helping keep the upper and lower bones in place. A thin, gel-like layer of cartilage is designed femoral head and the surface of the the tibia to prevent friction is amongst bones.

Knee Replacement Surgery

During a attach joint knee replacement technique, surgeons remove damaged the different parts of the femoral head and the surface of the the tibia. The natural knee joint is substituted for an artificial implant made of metal alloy, plastic, and pottery components. Metal stems attached to the implant components are inserted into center of the femur and tibia and they are cemented in place. The new artificial joint will most likely closely mimic the form and purpose of a natural knee joint.

Custom Fit Knee Replacement

Custom arranged knee replacement procedures take the fitting of the artificial joint extra mile. Using 3D imagery t computer modeling technology, the surgical team takes precise measurements of remaining healthy bones need to knee joint. In order to produce a perfect fit for called the artificial knee joint, these extremely precise measurements are employed create custom cutting guides that are then used to things back the healthy halloween bones. By matching the artificial joint for the exact contours of the rest of the healthy bones, surgeons will then install an implant over which feels and reacts just as the original one managed. This innovative procedure produces more suitable results compared a initial Knee Replacement Surgery.



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