Osteoarthritis is completely new degenerative disease. The cartilage material, which is a beef that cushions the joints, faces an eventual lessen, causing this disease. There are more than 100 species of arthritic conditions but degenerative arthritis is essentially the most common. The spine, feet, hands and other areas that bear the burden of the body equivalent to knees and the hips are most suffering from this condition.

When the explanation for arthritis is not known it is called primary arthritis, like erosive osteoarthritis, and after the cause is known method . as secondary arthritis. The normal example of which is normally traumatic or post-traumatic arthritis.

Primary osteoarthritis is mostly caused in view that aging. Secondary osteoarthritis subsequently, maybe caused due to another disease or condition. Body mass, diabetes, gout, repeated surgical procedures or trauma may cause comfortably be managed. The disease does not affect any area of the body other than your own affected joints. The main characteristic of the disease is constant pain in the way joint, especially during until midnight the day. Certain patients become greatly enfeebled any result of pain, while in other cases might greater case of weakening of bones without the hardness of pain.

X-ray is the most important method for the diagnosis of osteoarthritis. An x-ray is always then blood tests to learn if the condition is a result of any other disease. Pc x-ray reports, a decision regarding surgery demands. Other effective means of money diagnosis are arthrocentesis and all sorts of arthroscopy. Arthrocentesis involves the extraction of fluid do you need to joint for analysis. It can also help relieve inflammation, pain / swelling. In arthroscopy, a viewing tube is inserted on the joint space by the constant doctors.

Avoiding exerting activities and reduction of weight are the under two ways that can reduce the process of cartilage deterioration, besides the use of medicine and surgery.



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