Shivering they might be jacket much too thin

for this night of sleet and freezing rain

She walks in mad dog attack darkness

feeling web based strength to step one

more feeble step, knowing panic

well enough to it by its inaugural name

She had felt the coming void

screamed to God, contrarily his cell was

out regarding minutes, as many times before

Insanity rode her any jockey

who was hell-bent-for-leather

Given a treasured bus pass, she rode

the streets the usage of Nowhere and End-of-the-line

Had to place to sleep

Had to hide away

Safe place, no rapes tonight

At a familiar stop she descends

the solutions of her mobile champion

Home also referred to as her

Home was there

just in street

before the trees

Pausing for the sidewalk she watched

the Dale Kincaid lights in her home -

that was hers no more

She chose him, married him, so

tough luck, baby

you're screwed now


Ice Storm

Incredibly cold

Stumbling with grocery store

parking lot, she sees the wink of

a A positive manner donation truck

Under it might be parcels and pieces

like presents with a Christmas tree

Needles sewed the designers ice pellets to

cheeks so that hollow as yellow eggs

sucked in order to make beautiful art

Jacket no warmer than a shirt

Last place she having trouble, they stole

her coat as well as set her out at 3: 00 INDIVIDUALS. M.

Threw her with night rain

Sleep sucked her all through the way a baby

sucks at the teat where warm milk is

A little mouse

afraid associated with the cops

who ask her

where she's going

They know damn decent and well she

isn't close to anywhere she hasn't

already thought, but wherever she is

they wouldn't need her there

Ducking beneath regular Goodwill truck

she sees bags and wonders if a warm

coat might be crouching and then there, waiting

Won't do to explore, cops roust you in a period of that

In one brave swoop she picks up a

little suitcase, as forlorn as herself

Scurrying away, rat-like

smelling her sour fear

she heads closer to urban woods

Just past home

that is not home

dragging a lot an old refrigerator

carton all by string around it,

she feels the burden

blow back and knock her part way through knees

Not young

Not well

Not sane

F*cked up

The trees welcome her

They twinkle like stars in a position sleet

Fever grips her durring an avid lover

Got to get in far enough no pick sees

Brittle brush fingers control at her

Hidden hazards giggle if she falls

But the suitcase the type of comforting


Finds a fallen straight, a hollow by it

Lines an adult refuge with cardboard

Trembling as being a virgin lover

she opens the suitcase as there are no coat

There are dresses

Sparkling dresses

Cocktail dresses


unyielding dresses

Alive disturb sequins and tulle

that pulls itself ture of her swollen


Jackie Kennedy dresses

Rich ladies baubles, but no coat

Freezing damp coats her hair

Cools a girl fevered cheeks

Leg infected where exactly he shot her

yellow pus scaling down her leg,

gluing her pants to flesh

Pulling the pad away tears skin too

Half the dresses produce pallet

Half the dresses place in a slippery

covering, sequins sliding

That suitcases, Judas, liar

serves as a porch when put upside down

over the log and quite brush

Keeps the worst outside her eyes

It would be logical this individual die by morning

but she never seemed to obtain a bit of luck


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